Unconscious smile

Yay, I just got out of the hospital after surgery on my foot. For 7 years I’ve been battling a wound on the bottom of my right foot. What started out as a blister from new shoes, turned into a major clash with infections as well as treatments galore. Now after 3 operations and 2 amputations, my doctor/surgeon removed the front of my foot and hopefully that will be the end of this battle with nature

Dr. Stevens, my surgeon, is a bass player and has shown interest in my music and actually listens to my CD and EP. After consultation with him a few weeks ago, we scheduled the surgery to be performed after a concert that I had scheduled with the Kosher Gravy Co. on Yom HaAtzma’ut (May 10, 2011). Now after the concert and after the surgery, Dr. Stevens came into my hospital room this morning to examine his artistry and he told me a very funny story.

When Stevens does surgery he always listens to music but likes to be surprised, so he lets one of his O.R. nurses make the choice. During the operation, suddenly he hears a song of mine followed by other songs that she downloaded from YouTube. He thought it very funny that she chose to play my music while operating on me. He claims that though I had a tube down my throat during the procedure, he swears that he saw a smile on my face. He also claimed to have told me the story while I was in the recovery room, though I have no recollection of it.

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3 Responses to Unconscious smile

  1. Yasmin Goldsmith says:

    Refuah Shlaima get this behind you and finally come for Shabbos.

  2. rebyosil says:

    Yasher Ko’ach, with kids in town it’s hard to go away for Shabbos.

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