Classic Carlebach Story and Song

On the first night of Chanukah 5731 (1970) Reb Shlomo Carlebach ZTz”l officiated at the marriage to my wife of 27 years, Kathy A”H. He had recently returned from the Soviet Union where he performed a huge concert with tens of thousands of Jews in Red Square. I’m not sure, but I think it was then that he had composed his forever famous song Am Yisra’el Chai.

At one of our Sheva Berachot (a special recitation to the Grace After Meals, said over a festive seven day period), he related that after completing a song in Red Square, he felt a tug on his pants and looked down and saw a boy about 10 years old looking up at him with trepidation in his eyes. Shlomo, who was a man of love stopped everything and spoke kindly to the boy. The boy wanted Shlomo to sing, “Zibin Iz Der Heiligeh Shabbos – Seven is The Holy Sabbath.” Shlomo didn’t know the song and asked the boy to sing it.

The boy began to sing in Yiddish the famous Seder song Echad Mi Yodei’ah (who knows one?). The boy only knew half the verses but as he began to sing the song with Shlomo’s accompaniment, many in the crowd began to sing along, this being a song whose words virtually everyone knew. It turned into a major crowd pleaser.

Since this is a song sung (usually in Hebrew) at virtually every Seder table on Passover, I have made it available as the month of Nisan’s Rosh Chodesh download.

For a Yiddish lyrics and translation as well as a free download click here:


Have a great Passover

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