It’s About Time

It started out like most Tuesdays. Get up, Daven, check my blood sugars, and administer the proper amount of insulin to take care of the carbohydrates that I will consume at breakfast and then off to the hospital for my weekly check-up with the surgeon, Dr. Stevens. I arrived there at about 10:00 AM, was kept waiting until about 1:00 PM, and then dealt with my weekly dose of anxiety over the report of his upcoming examination.

Thankfully, Dr. Stevens is a man full of charm and character. He plays the bass guitar, is part of a classic rock band and we often share music trivia with each other. This week we kibitzed with each other, parlayed some inconsequential conversation and then he dropped the ball, I’m going to need another amputation, this time on my left foot and another skin graft on my right foot. Between diabetes, a plague of infections and a general attitude of optimistic irrationalism, I have finally been forced to face the difficult reality of my own frailty.

I just do not feel like a 63-year-OLD man. Inside this deteriorating body is a young man, once invincible, seemingly all-powerful and now I am paying the price of my own delusions.

So I have been forced to face the Emes – truth, I need to fulfill the Mitzvah of being health conscious. It’s time I practiced what I preached and get my act together. So here it goes friends, you are my witnesses, if not now – when? By the way, a few prayers and God’s involvement will be of great benefit to me so put me on your healing lists, my Hebrew name is Shmu’el Yosef ben Chayah.

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